• “What a blessing Mary is and what she brings.”

    "Mary has a sense of what people and animals need is nothing short of amazing!! She gave my older dog a Reike treatment who has not been herself, her limp node were swelling and she had started coughing. It was so amazing what Mary did for her... Today she was running around and barking like her old self..She filled my house with happiness and joy after massaging the other three dogs; it was really nice to see my fourteen year old dog running around like a little puppy. What a blessing Mary is and what she brings!”

  • WDA Nationals

    "My German Shepherd working dog was getting ready to compete in the WDA Nationals when he started favoring his right rear leg. Even after visiting the Vet and the chiropractor he continued to limp. After just 2 muscular therapy appointments with Mary he was sound. We went on to compete in 2 National Events this year thanks to Mary's skills as a muscular therapist. Thank You Mary, I am very grateful."

  • Micki Moore R.N.

    “Mary’s innate ability to connect with animals, identify physical issues and make corrections is just short of miraculous! Her techniques have provided relief and improvements where other principles have failed. I highly recommend her animal rehabilitation services! "

  • Maryna Ozuna, Owner / Founder Kinaesthetics™

    "Mary is a competent professional with years of dedicated practice to develop her skills. A voracious learner, she combines the practical with her heartfelt compassion for the animals. Proud to know her as a colleague."

  • “Ken Steepe and RAD”

    "I had been dealing with chronic shoulder discomfort for several months. I had tried physiotherapy and stretching, but nothing seemed to help much. After a short half hour massage session I could immediately notice I had greater range of motion and pain free shoulder mobility! I was truly impressed with her work, and grateful for her help with my recovery from the injury."

  • “She not only relieves pain, she resolves it.”

    "Mary also does amazing work with four-legged beings as well. She has done massage on my three dogs. Each time their performance has improved so much that other people comment on it. I am impressed with Mary's intuitiveness and her passion for health and wellness and would recommend her whole heartedly."

  • Mary

    Mary is very exceptional at her work of Reiki. She has a very calm disposition that follows you after meeting Mary. I recommend allowing her into your life and bringing Zen with her to you and your animals!



Elite Performance combines Canine & Equine Kinaesthetics TM ( IMT ) Animal Rehabilitation and Reiki techniques to restore and maintain the bodies muscular and structural integrity.

Elite Performance was founded by Mary Jolly to provide an alternative to western medicine for animals with a holistic approach. Mary believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and when the body is unable to, it is because of an unbalance within the body. Mary’s passion for animals has led her on a path to find the best in holistic health and to work with animals as a whole to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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